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The New Home Store is a portfolio of communities brought to you by Condo Capital Solutions - CCS is nationally known for its expertise reworking distressed projects in desirable markets around the country.  The company has an outstanding track record providing active capital with an emphasis on street-level solutions. 

For more than a decade, the experienced team of condominium professionals and partners at Condo Capital Solutions (CCS) has been successful in making more than 35 non-performing condominium projects profitable, with 20 projects completed and sold out. Backed by more than $100 million of capital, CCS has the resources, staffing and strategic vision necessary to add value and effectively turn around stalled condominium developments.

Using a hands-on and comprehensive approach, an on-site team aggressively implements the strategic plan designed specifically for each condominium development acquired by CCS. A targeted marketing and sales team works to identify and engage prospective homebuyers while a construction team works to revitalize the community through renovation and upgrades. The team also works to develop strong relationships with existing residents and homeowner associations in communities that are partially sold.  

Condo Capital Solutions is part of the Real Capital Solutions’ family of residential initiatives that include Homebuilder Capital Solutions and Apartment Capital Solutions. Founded in 1995, Real Capital Solutions has evolved from a dominant regional real estate investment company into a nationally focused investor and expert in workout real estate assets. At year-end 2009, Real Capital Solutions, part of what was formerly the Colorado and Sante Fe Land Company, acquired $400 million of turnaround condominium projects in Colorado, Arizona and Florida and added approximately $135 million in properties since that time.

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Bringing Value

We look at each community in depth before bringing it on to our collection. Any community must possess the following: